What should I do with these old hearing aids?


Donate Them – “Giving back is MAGIC!”

  • If you have hearing devices lying around that don’t work, are broken, or maybe aren’t even yours, you can feel good about giving them new life by donating them. That dusty hearing aid in your bathroom drawer could help a baby on the other side of the world hear his mother’s voice for the very first time. We are available at our office Monday through Friday, from 9am until 4pm, to process your donation. Be prepared to fill out a short donation form with your name and contact information.

Repair Them

  • Depending on the age of the hearing device, you may be able to have them adjusted to better fit your current hearing. To do this, hearing devices have to be under warranty. If your hearing aid is not under warranty, devices can sometimes be sent back to the manufacturer for assessment and placed back under warranty for a fee. The average cost for an additional year of warranty is $395 per device, but this can vary based on the manufacturer.
  • How to repair: call our office to schedule a “hearing aid repair consult” appointment with one of our Audiologists.

Replace Them

  • New hearing devices start at $999 each and include a repair and loss warranty. New hearing devices offer the most up-to-date technology like hands-free automatic programming, wireless Bluetooth technology and improved background noise reduction. Even better, new hearing devices from Decibels Audiology come with free batteries and complimentary lifetime service at any of our locations.
  • How to replace: If you are ready to be evaluated for new hearing devices, call our office to schedule an evaluation with an Audiologist.
  • 30 day NO RISK trial period
  • Special financing available
  • Complimentary in-depth hearing exams
  • Complimentary batteries for the life of the hearing device
  • Complimentary office visits for the life of the hearing device

Hearing Aid Brands

Oticon - People First
Phonak - Life is On
Signia - Life sounds brilliant.
Starkey Hearing Technologies
Widex - High Definition Hearing

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Audiology
American Speech Language Hearing Association
Florida Academy of Audiology
American Tinnitus Association