By Dr. Sarah Thomas, AuD

The Truth about Cheap Hearing Aids

As an Audiologist, I know that there are hundreds of hearing aid advertisements out there, and they all promise different things. I can tell you the truth about “cheap” hearing aids – they don’t work very well. That’s why they are cheap.

I know every hearing device manufacturer out there – every shape, every style – and I can tell you that there is nothing available for less than $999 each that is a“good” hearing aid. Anything less than $999 each is most likely going to end up at the bottom of a drawer because, when worn, speech still won’t be clear and background noise will be overwhelming.

When I look to re-create someone’s hearing, to allow a person to gain the ability to follow conversation in a noisy Mercato restaurant, or to hear their grandchild giggle – the last thing I think about is price.

I always recommend high-end hearing devices, and I will only work with the best companies. Why? It’s the only thing good enough for my own family members. And it’s the only thing good enough for my patients.

And guess what? They cost a lot. The best hearing devices in the world range from $999 each to as much as $3000 each. They just do. But they’re worth it every time.

There are two important rules to follow if you want to absolutely love your hearing device:

  • Make sure that your provider is an Audiologist with a Master’s or Doctoral Degree.
  • Work with your Audiologist to find a device that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

I know what these amazing instruments are capable of, and I see the magic that happens when people finally invest in good hearing devices. There is so much to gain from hearing well. My patients bring me their success stories. They go out more often, they start dating again, or they re-engage with their families. Sometimes it’s as simple as the joy of once again hearing the punch line of a joke. It’s all the same – they feel included.

Not all “hearing aid offices” are the same. We don’t all pressure people to buy hearing aids they don’t need. Instead, we want to help. We are great at it. Our patients love us because we are educated, honest, fair, and we know what we are doing.

I love my job and our patients love their hearing devices. We do this better than anyone else because we are committed to providing the best customer experience. Make an appointment to visit us and I’m sure you’ll agree.

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