Myths About Hearing Health

What do Bill Clinton, Daymond John and Robert Redford Have in Common? The all wear hearing aids!


Hearing aids have come a long way in the past 6 years, but many still believe the myths that surround hearing devices and hearing loss.

Myth 1: Hearing loss means you’re “old.”

Tell any of the kids that bounce around our office daily that this is true and they’ll set you straight. ANYONE can lose their hearing, including 5 of every 1,000 babies born in the United States. Of course, hearing loss can be related to aging, but it is also caused by ototoxic medication such as chemotherapy, disease, genetics, or, most commonly, exposure to noise. All of those rock concerts will catch up with you.

Myth 2: My doctor will tell me if I need a hearing aid.

Your doctor relies on you to tell them if you are having trouble hearing. After the age of 55, you should have annual hearing screenings by a licensed Audiologist, just as you have annual vision and dental checkups

Myth 3: I have one “good ear,” so I’m ok.

Whenever you have two of something and one works better than the other (two eyes, two hands, two feet, two lungs)… there’s trouble. One “bad” ear can be a symptom of so many other things; it simply must be checked out by an Audiologist.

Myth 4: My hearing is not that bad yet… I can wait.

You really can’t. The sooner you treat hearing loss, the better. Your brain can actually forget how to hear certain sounds. Untreated hearing loss is associated with dementia, social isolation, depression, anxiety, an increased risk of falls, and many other issues.

Myth 5: Hearing aids are not cool.

Today’s hearing aids are AMAZING. They are small enough that many times your doctor doesn’t even know you’re wearing them. They can focus on speech while blocking out background noise, can pair with your iPhone, iPad, or television, and most brands offer a RECHARGABLE option, so you no longer need daily batteries. And have you checked out who is wearing hearing aids these days? Daymond John, Rob Lowe, Bill Clinton, Halle Berry, Pete Townshend, Steven Colbert, and Robert Redford… just to name a few..

Myth 6: There is nothing that can be done for my particular hearing loss.

Most of the time, this is just not true. Keep in mind that if you previously visited a clinic that was owned by a certain manufacturer, it may have been true that there was nothing in their product line that would help your ears. In general, however, there is a hearing solution available for almost any type of hearing loss.

Myth 7: Hearing aids are too expensive.

There is a lot of bait-and-switch advertising in the industry, leading people to believe that hearing aids are a commodity. We believe that better hearing is a SERVICE. Ask anyone who has hearing aids that they love – you’re going to need us, so we’re HEAR for you!

Myth 8: All “hearing aid offices” are the same.

Not true! At Decibels Audiology, we are a locally-owned, independent private practice that works with ALL MANUFACTURERS and employs only AUDIOLOGISTS with Master’s or Doctoral degrees in hearing and balance disorders.

We are highly educated, super fun, bake our fabulous cookies fresh daily, and do our best to keep you from ever waiting in the waiting room.

Overall, we’re slightly obsessed with making sure that this is the best experience you will ever have in a medical office. Call us today at 239-593-5327! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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