5 Steps to Better Hearing


Taking the first steps toward better hearing are easy… and can even be FUN!

  1. Have your hearing tested by a licensed Audiologist. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s FREE!
  2. Bring a companion with you to your appointment.  Remember, this is just as much about them as it is about you! Most of the time, your companion has just as much to gain from you hearing better as you do!  
  3. Learn about hearing devices! You may not know much about hearing aid styles, prices, or options – but we know it all! Let us help you!
  4. Set realistic expectations. Hearing devices will correct your hearing, but we may also need to help you re-learn how to hear again.  It’s not uncommon for a patient to say things like “Ever since I got these hearing aids the light switch makes noise!” Understanding that the light switch always made noise is part of learning to hear clearly again. 
  5. Patience, practice and time are critical to success.  As with anything good, it comes from hard work and practice.  We’re here to help!


To start your hearing journey, or help a loved one get the care they need, simply visit our
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We will get in touch within one business day with more information! Happy hearing! 

Find out how you can hear better today!