A Hearing Device Checklist for Summer

Prepare for summer! Use our handy checklist to make sure your devices are ready for the greatest summer ever!

In Southwest Florida, we have a slew of seasonal residents who leave our lovely state right around Easter. Additionally, we have another group of people that leaves for the summer months in mid-May. If you fall into one of these two groups, make sure to prepare properly for the summer months — especially regarding your hearing devices.

A Hearing Device Checklist for Summer

Summer is fabulous — it is magical, amazing, wonderful, nostalgic, and filled with adventure. But, are your hearing aids ready to help you make the most for all of that fun? Here is a handy checklist for our seasonal residents as they prepare to leave.

  • Clean and Check. At our convenient locations throughout Southwest Florida, we recommend patients schedule a clean and check appointment prior to leaving for the summer. A clean and check is just that: an audiologist cleans your hearing devices thoroughly and checks to make sure they are working properly on behalf of the patient.
  • Batteries. Make sure you have enough batteries to get you through your travels! (OR, better yet, consider upgrading to hearing devices that operate with rechargeable batteries.)
  • Wax Traps. Hearing devices can get clogged with ear wax. This renders them unable to work properly. Be sure that you have plenty of wax traps in order to be able to clean your devices. Oh, and be sure you know how to change the wax traps on your hearing devices as well.
  • Audiologist Up North. Do a bit of research, and make sure you have the name and number of a qualified audiologist who can help you with your devices wherever it is you spend your time during the summer months. You may need an occasional adjustment, and it is wise to have the name of someone who can help.

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Have you been struggling to hear others in crowded places like restaurants and cocktail parties? Do you turn the TV volume up constantly? Do you find yourself asking “WHAT?” multiple times a day? Has your spouse told you it’s time to get hearing aids? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, stop by BEFORE you leave for all of your fabulous summer fun for a FREE Hearing Consultation. It’s free, so why not schedule an appointment? Hearing devices make life so much more fun and enjoyable for you and everyone around you. Have the very best summer season of your life, and just enjoy!

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