Dr. David Wilkinson

Dr. David R. Wilkinson

Decibels Audiology

“Tinnitus had become a part of my daily life, asking my patients, my friends, my family to repeat things they had said.
Pretending to get the joke in group conversations and laughing, even though I never heard the actual joke. 3 months prior to visiting Decibels Audiology, my tinnitus had worsened to the point of waking me up in the middle of the night, thinking my alarm was going off. When a fellow physician sent me to Decibels Audiology for custom shooting ear plugs, I was screened based on an intake examination. I was found to have high frequency hearing loss, secondary to tinnitus. The same day, I was fit with my tinnitus therapy devices. I am 6 months in to treatment and have seen a dramatic improvement, and I am incredibly encouraged by the results. I can’t say enough about the knowledge, customer service, and professionalism of the entire Decibels Audiology staff. Thank you to Decibels Audiology!