Do You Have Tinnitus?


Treat tinnitus, and get your life back!

Tinnitus — what, exactly, is it? What symptoms do people experience? And, perhaps, most importantly, do YOU have tinnitus? Today’s blog post will cover all of these questions, and (hopefully) bring you a bit of hope and sunshine-y thoughts related to a persistently frustrating condition.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Many people experience this condition, and it’s not just a fun word to say or an interesting word to attempt to spell. No, it’s a chronic disease. Tinnitus can sound like any one of the following:

  • Ringing
  • Chirping
  • Buzzing
  • High-pitched noise

And, the noises can change or morph throughout the day. Some patients notice that the volume increases or decreases. Or, the noises go away or appear at different points throughout the day. People may hear the noises in one or both ears. This frustrating condition causes great annoyance, similar (yet certainly much more significant) to sitting in stop-and-go traffic without making progress, being outside in Southwest Florida in summer without bug spray, frequent calls from telemarketers, and the noise chalk makes when it scratches a black board.

Causes of Tinnitus

The wide-ranging causes of tinnitus include: exposure to loud sounds, whiplash, head injuries, side effects from medicine, or a symptom of another disease. Often, those who served in the military experience ringing in the ears later in life as a result of prolonged exposure to loud noises. Additionally, this condition is often accompanied by hearing loss.

Yes, tinnitus is frustrating and annoying. It makes daily life difficult, and it creates tension for those experiencing it. So, in light of all of those realities, is there any hope for people suffering from tinnitus?

Hope for Those With Tinnitus

The short answer is, of course, YES! There is hope for those who experience this frustrating issue. Excellent treatment options exist to confront this condition. And, audiologists with expertise in treatment have found great success! Additionally, technological advances in hearing aid development and manufacturing have helped tinnitus sufferers greatly. So, we have a step-by-step guide for improving your condition:

  1. Get a FREE HEARING TEST, and schedule an appointment with an audiologist. Our staff will match you with a tinnitus expert, and you can spend some time gaining wisdom and getting answers in a free hearing consultation.
  2. Follow the audiologist’s recommendations. If you make the decision to start tinnitus treatment, follow the audiologist’s directions. It is essential to follow through on treatments to get results.
  3. Come back for regular visits with your audiologist. At Decibels Audiology, when you purchase hearing devices, all follow up appointments are free of charge. When treating tinnitus, it is essential to come in for regular appointments to adjust tinnitus treatments and hearing aid settings.
  4. Eat healthfully and exercise regularly (under your doctor’s guidance, of course). There is some research that suggests healthful living can benefit those with tinnitus and possibly reduce symptoms.

Imagine how amazing your life would be if you were able to successfully treat your tinnitus! Reduce the symptoms, and live your best life TODAY! Schedule an appointment with one of our tinnitus experts. We would love to help you live a life free of frustration and filled with fun and adventure. Contact us for more information and to schedule a free comprehensive hearing evaluation. We want to get to know you and meet your individual needs!