Dr David Greene, MD, FACS Discusses Audiology and Hearing Health

Featured on Wink TV – Better Living Now – Dr. David Greene MD, FACS

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Why is it important to see a qualified Audiologist if you think you need Hearing Aids?

Dr David Greene: Well, Audiologists are truly medical professionals and there is more to hearing loss than just needing to amplify the sound. Hearing loss has a medical dimension that a lot of people don’t think about. What Audiologists do, besides checking out the hearing and discussing hearing aids, is to look at hearing health in the larger medical arena in terms of keeping the ears healthy and picking up problems; whether it is a ruptured ear drum or fluid behind the ear, or a viral infection that has affected hearing.

As an Ear, Nose and Throat Physician what is your advice for people looking for a hearing aid?

Dr David Greene: Getting hearing aids is not just making you able to hear sounds that you want to hear. It also acts as a way of preserving your brain’s ability to decode sound. The most important thing for selecting a hearing aid is having a hearing aid that is good enough to give you good sound and good comfort. If it doesn’t give you good sound and good comfort, you’re not going to use it.


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