Lifestyle Factors: Hearing Health and Nutrition, Explained

Your lifestyle choices impact your hearing health! Did you know that a healthy diet and active lifestyle play a role in your risk of hearing loss?

Did you know that nutrition and physical activity levels impact hearing health? I’m certain that you didn’t need yet another reason to eat healthy and workout regularly, but just in case — let us continue to encourage you! Yes, it’s true: a recent white paper published by Starkey Hearing Technologies and written by Dr. Chris Spankovich discusses this interesting research in detail.

Hearing Health and Nutrition

A multitude of studies conclusively connect nutrition and dietary factors to a variety of health issues. Moreover, did you know that eating nutrient dense foods contributes to hearing health? Our hearing health and nutrition quality are connected! In developing nations, Dr. Spankovich notes, malnutrition and under-nutrition contribute to various forms of hearing loss in children. Additionally, obesity can correlate to hearing loss. Diets rich in process foods and lacking in proper nutrients can correlate to risk of hearing loss in both childhood and adulthood.

Rather than focus on specific nutrients absent in the diets of those with hearing loss, Dr. Spankovich sites studies that focus on analyzing dietary patterns and hearing loss. Though these studies are still very new and not complete, they focus on the prevention of hearing loss through nutrient dense dietary practices. Many questions still remain regarding this research. BUT, we do know that diet plays a role in the risk of hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing related health conditions.

Hearing and Physical Activity

Dr. Spankovich’s research-based white paper also references the role of physical activity. Though widely considered to be an inevitable part of the aging process, hearing health is intimately connected to overall health and wellness as we age. Yes, we all understand that high levels of physical activity contribute to our ability to “age well.” Thus, we can help prevent cognitive decline, poor health, and cardiovascular disease through regular, vigorous exercise.

There are studies that examine the role of nutrition and physical activity in hearing loss prevention. Though these studies are still relatively new, we can conclude that nutrient dense diets, when combined with physical activity, can contribute to prolonged overall health as we age. Wow! As we age, we should feel compelled to exercise and eat right. Every system of our body depends on it, including our hearing.

What to Do Now

So, “HEAR’S” the moral of the story. (Get it!? He he!) If you have yet to do the following things, GET GOING!

  1. Eat Right. Eat a lot of veggies, fruits, and some lean protein.
  2. Exercise. Get plenty of physical activity. It should be relatively easy in beautiful Southwest Florida: ride a beach cruise, take a walk on the beach, get into golf or tennis, start jogging. The options are endless.
  3. Get a hearing test. If you are concerned about your hearing health, PLEASE get a free hearing test as soon as possible. Aging well — and preventing additional health issues — is a possibility when you care for your hearing health.

So, give us a call! We would love to get to know you. An annual hearing test is SO EASY! And, it’s totally and completely free. Contact us today!