New Technology and Hearing Aids

Nerdy is the new cool! Using the newest technology is the ultimate way to stay relevant! Find out more about the newest technology related to hearing devices.

What do you know about new technology as it relates to hearing aids? The majority of adults over the age of 70 require hearing devices, and yet 7 out of 10 people who require a hearing device don’t have one. So, I’m going to assume that chances are, you don’t know that much about the newest, best, brightest technology available in the hearing device arena.

New Technology is Scary

A lot of people believe that new technology is scary. It can be intimidating to learn new things about potentially complicated equipment. And there is the distinct possibility that technology will eventually gain consciousness, rise up, and destroy the world as we know it. But the benefits of learning how to use new technology certainly outweigh the drawbacks. Consider all you can gain from utilizing aspects of technology — increased communication and access to friends and family all over the world, peace of mind through home security systems and sensors, ease of use related to air and car travel, and so many other aspects of life that are richer, more affordable, and more efficient because of technology. What’s not to love?

Nerdy is Cool

We already know that adults suffering from hearing loss resist addressing it. (See compelling statistic in the first paragraph of this post.) The benefits of addressing hearing loss through helpful hearing devices permeate every aspect of life. They allow for positive experiences at events and church services, more meaningful communication, stress-free relationships, and travel free from frustration.

On top of all of that, the new technology related to hearing devices is really cool! And what, exactly, is cool? In a quickly changing culture, the concept of cool  encompasses certain brands of clothing, types of backpacks, the kind of car you drive, the various activities in which you participate. Nowadays, though, cool always means nerdy. And nerdy is always cool. And sexy. So having the most up-to-date hearing device technology makes you a cool, sexy, relevant person.

Cool New Technology

So, this cool, new technology related to hearing aids is adaptive, digital, wireless, and all the other cool buzz words. (They may outsmart you, but fortunately, your friendly Decibels audiologist is always available for a completely free “tune up.”)

The Newest Features

How, exactly, are the newest hearing aids cool?

  • Feedback cancellation technology. They improve one-on-one conversations and small group discussion settings. Because of this technology, squealing won’t interrupt a close talking situation. Wink wink.
  • Directional microphones. Think giant board meetings where you hear people discussing important meetings from around a giant room. Or a situation where you’re driving your grandchildren in a minivan, and you need to hear people’s voices from a variety of directions. Thankfully, directional microphones assist in these types of situations. Never miss out on another important detail from a colleague or fart joke from your favorite 7 year old grandson.
  • Wireless streaming & Bluetooth-enabled. When you’re watching TV, the sound does not need to be turned up to “earth shaking.” Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices allow for sound to stream to your devices.
  • Noise reduction technology. Let’s talk about restaurants. Yes, they are difficult. However, the newest technology reduces background noise and allows you to hear your friends blab on about their cruise around South America from way across the table.
  • Automatic volume control. Live performances, movies, your favorite band in a bar: all these situations present volumes increasing quickly. Thankfully, automatic volume control keeps the noise level steady, just for your enjoyment. Cool, right?
  • Digital wind noise detection. New technology allows for wind detection and noise reduction outside. Play on the playground with your grandchildren! And even when the wind picks up, you’ll still be able to hear them whining about pushing them higher on the swing!
  • Integrated tinnitus therapy. For those suffering from ringing in the ears, the tinnitus therapy in newer hearing devices is astoundingly effective.

Ready to be cool and find out more about new technology? Then give our beautiful, nerdy team a call!