Opioid Addiction and Hearing Loss

Did you know that opioid usage can impact hearing?

In an effort to bring you all types of hearing related news and information, this week’s blog post covers a current crisis facing our nation: opioid addiction. Now, you may correctly assume that opioid addiction damages overall health, relationships, and earning potential. But, did you know that continual opioid use can cause significant hearing loss?

Opioid Addiction and Hearing Loss

Aside from the obvious issues associated with opioid addiction (death), this type of addiction causes progressive hearing loss. Though no one knows the precise cause of this type of progressive hearing loss, doctors believe poor circulation may be at the root. Pain relievers cause poor circulation, and circulation is vital to hearing. Because the tiny blood pathway carrying nutrients to the ear is so small, opioids easily interrupt this process.

Dissimilar to our daily caffeine, smart phone, and/or sugar addictions, fallout from opioid addiction is astronomical and multifaceted. The death rate from opioid addiction is five times higher now than in 1999. Moreover, opioid addiction deaths has caused our nation’s overall life expectancy to drop in the past few years.

What Happens as a Result of Opioid Addiction?

Maybe you’re trying to keep up with what is happening in our nation, or maybe you’re attempting to educate yourself and your family. Whatever the case may be, the fallout from continual opioid abuse is significant. Not only do opioid abusers often fail at being productive members of society (i.e. keeping a legitimate job), they often damage relationships with those they love most.

In terms of the hearing loss directly correlated with opioid addiction, hearing loss adds to the cost of opioid addiction. A single binge usage of opioids can cause severe hearing loss, OR opioid addiction can cause hearing loss over time. Regardless of the way in which it occurs, hearing loss — in and of itself — can cause significant damages. Hearing loss impacts our ability to work and our careers, it impacts relationships, and the resulting healthcare implications are great.

To Sum Up

Should you possibly consider using opioids as a recreational drug, STOP! DON’T DO IT! Stick to your other, “safer” addictions: sugar, caffeine, daily exercise, obsessive smart phone scrolling. There are so many other things in life that provide satisfaction, distraction, feelings of joy and elation, contentment in the face of distress — well, you get my drift. To sum up:

  • Don’t do drugs not prescribed by a doctor. ESPECIALLY NOT OPIOIDS! You might die, and you will certainly become a burden on our society and economy. You will hurt your relationships and career — guaranteed.
  • If you have experienced hearing loss as a result of drug use, get a hearing test. Work towards preventing future issues by maintaining your hearing health.
  • Tell others around you not to do drugs. Rather, promote physical fitness, healthy habits, and an overall happy existence.

Please contact us if you or anyone you know has experienced hearing loss as a result of opioids. We would love to provide you with a free hearing test and comprehensive evaluation. Contact us today to get started!