Spring Break Visits and Hearing

In Southwest Florida, March means lots of spring break visitors. How well can you hear? Prepare for house guests, relatives, and friends by getting a hearing test.

Now that spring breaks are in full force around the country, it’s time to talk about all of the fun activities surrounding this time of year. And, it’s time to talk about the ways in which your hearing can impact the time you spend with your families. In Naples, Florida, the spring break time of year initiates visits from family members and friends from around the country. As a resident hosting visitors, how do you want your spring break(s) to go?

Spring Break and Southwest Florida

Pretty much everyone comes out of the woodwork to profess their love for Florida during the month of March. Distant relatives mention the week their family has off of school in order to pave the way for a spring break invite. Family members and friends love to prey upon your hospitality during the depressingly grey months of March and April. Midwestern and Northeastern visitors about in our fair region of Southwest Florida. But, what do visitors and residents need to remember during the popular spring break weeks in order to maximize their fun while on vacation?

  1. Go to the beach early and often. For an ideal parking spot, get to the beach by 9 am. And, for maximum enjoyment, leave by 11 am. It’s crazy town after that.
  2. Make reservations for restaurants. So, you think you want to go out to eat, do you? That’s not a possibility without a carefully crafted and confirmed reservation at one of Naples’ fabulous eating establishments. Without a reservation, you’ll be stuck at the food court at Coastland Center Mall or the by-the-pound buffet at Whole Foods. And, moreover, you’ll STILL have to wait for something.
  3. Want to shop? Wait until the post dinner hour to brave Waterside Shops or Nordstrom Rack. Or, better yet, get there when stores open. Or, even better than THAT, shop exclusively online.

SO much fun to be had in Southwest Florida! But, make visitors aware of the realities of spring break in our fabulous town.

Spring Break and Hearing

When visitors descend upon you, it brings hearing loss to center stage. You must be able to hear in order to fully engage with your relatives and friends. In the context of big groups, too, hearing loss is ever more evident. How do spring break and hearing loss connect? It’s simple: difficult environments abound during spring break. Everyone wants to go on restaurants, share stories in loud groups, and go out on boats. Background noise is abundant!

How will you prepare for your visitors? Likely, you’ll wash bed sheets, stock your fridge, baton down the hatches of your home, and make certain your pool has plenty of chlorine. However, might we suggest also getting a hearing test or scheduling a hearing device cleaning and adjustment in preparation for your visitors?

Hearing and You

When relatives come to Southwest Florida for fun in the sun, beach days, and relaxation, it often brings hearing loss to the forefront of our minds. Why? Our visitors enjoy chatting with us and catching up! And, often in relatively difficult environments like crowded pools and boisterous restaurants. So, why not prep your health and wellness for the onslaught of visitors by scheduling a FREE hearing test? Contact Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center as soon as possible to schedule your spring break readiness appointment. You’ll be so glad you did! Our outstanding, experienced, and fun audiologists would love to get to know you and find out how they can meet your unique hearing health care needs! So, call us today!