The Relationship of Your Dreams

Your prince or princess is out there! Find the relationship of your dreams today. Start by being the best YOU you can be!

“So, who do you like?” I often ask single friends in a dramatic, sing-songy voice. “Well, there’s this guy…”  and my girlfriend begins to talk in detail about the new relationship in her life. Aren’t relationships are so exciting? Falling in love is one of the great joys life offers us!

Pursuing the Ideal Relationship

The prospect of a romantic relationship propels us to do many things we might not otherwise do: lose weight, take up a new hobby, attend events, join a local club, adopt a dog, or exercise. In order to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, we must take action with confidence. People are attracted to confidence. And its easier to fall in love with someone who has a good time in life.

Having a good time in life is something to which we all aspire.  In fact, many patients who enter our doors speak about wanting to enjoy their life. They want to hear others at restaurants, attend events without frustration, and engage with the world around them. And in the world of hearing devices and audiology, these are considered lifestyle factors.

In Love With Your Lifestyle

Are you in love with your lifestyle? Going out to new restaurants, pursuing hobbies, listening to fantastic speakers — and many other amazing opportunities in Naples — all require us to hear and understand. No one wants to attend a fundraising event and not be able to hear or understand the speaker. And no one wants to spend time with someone who is constantly yelling, “WHAT?”

Hearing is Attractive

Constantly asking others to speak up and repeat themselves is not an attractive quality. However, being an effective communicator (someone who speaks and listens) IS attractive. Let’s be honest — we all want to be with someone who is willing to listen to us. Someone who laughs at our jokes, who is interested in our experiences, who thinks our perspective is fascinating.

And all of these relational factors requires that we can HEAR! This means taking one’s hearing health seriously is also an attractive quality. What does this involve? And how can you make yourself more attractive to that guy or gal you like?

  • Get an annual hearing screening.
  • If necessary, invest in high quality hearing devices.
  • Schedule regular appointments with your friendly neighborhood audiologist.

So easy, right?!

Yes, looks matter. Taking care of yourself *may* involve getting into an exercise regimen, listening to the Nordstrom sales person when she explains how custom tailoring works, and paying more than $20 for a haircut. However, confidence and communication matter so much more than looks.

Time is Precious

Our time on this earth is precious. Not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Spend your time pursuing a romantic relationship with a confident, happy person willing to communicate wholeheartedly with you. Don’t waste your inner and outer hotness.

Want to be even more attractive than you already are? Fall in love with your life, and then fall in love! We have helped countless people live their desired lifestyle. And yes, that includes opening the door for a romantic relationship. Here’s a step by step guide to how easy this can be.

  1. Decide to be the best version of yourself EVER.
  2. Get a hearing test from one of the best audiologists EVER.
  3. Enjoy your new hearing devices at the best restaurants, events, and clubs in Southwest Florida while being your amazing, smiley, confident self.
  4. Meet and fall in love with the person of your dreams.
  5. Live happily ever after, just like a Disney prince or princess.

Yes, it really is as easy as that! Call us today to find out more.