What Makes An Outstanding Audiologist?

Before you research brands and manufacturers, search for a fantastic audiologist!

You need hearing aids. Yes, YOU! You probably already know it. Your spouse or partner has probably told you a million times to get your hearing tested. And, you’ve noticed that you can’t really understand what people are saying to you as well as you’d like to. Many people, when looking at the possibility of investing in hearing devices, shop based upon device reviews, prices, and other information they find regarding manufacturers and technology. While this information certainly helps and informs consumers, it is essential to shop FIRST for an audiologist rather than a device itself.

Outstanding Audiologists

So, how do you go about finding an outstanding audiologist? One who is excellent at his or her job? Well, start by using our handy dandy guide to finding the perfect, most excellent, most outstanding audiologist! So, without further ado, here are the attributes of outstanding audiologists:

  1. Amazing audiologists spend time getting to know their patients. Audiologists should spend a good amount of time listening to a patient’s individual history. Additionally, an amazing audiologist will take a portion of the appointment and seek to understand the patient’s lifestyle and current frustrations with his or her hearing.
  2. Outstanding audiologists have access to the best, most progressive technology. A fabulous audiologist will seek to partner with an office that has access to an array of hearing device manufacturers, along with the newest, most advanced technology. Many audiology offices only fit one type of hearing aid; however, a fabulous audiology office will offer an array of manufacturers with only the most progressive technology.
  3. An excellent audiologist fully cares about individual patients’ needs and overall experience. Truly great audiologists actually care about the outcome. Many audiologists focus solely on the sales process and neglect patients’ needs. However, a fabulous audiologist ONLY cares for the patient’s needs; he or she desires — and strives for — complete and total patient satisfaction.
  4. Last, an outstanding audiologist will provide exceptional service for the life of her patient’s hearing devices. An amazing audiologist in an award-winning office is able to provide service — free appointments, free batteries, free cleanings — for the life of the hearing aids. So, do not settle for anything less.

Outstanding Audiologists — Reasonable Pricing — Joy-Filled Offices

At Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, our main priority is making the Southwest Florida community a more fabulous and vibrant place by providing the highest level of service and satisfaction to our patients. We want each one of our patients to live the life of their dreams by enabling them to hear with joy! For us, this means that we offer our patients access to the top audiologists. Therefore, our premier hearing aid centers provide patients with complete and total satisfaction.

Each one of our audiologists consistently deliver total patient satisfaction, as detailed in the principles above. Want to know more? Interested in a free consultation with one of our amazing audiologists? Yes, it’s so easy — give us a call; we’d love to get to know you and hear more about your unique needs. Schedule an appointment today at one of our three convenient locations in Central Naples, North Naples, and Bonita Springs.