What Type of Hearing Aids Should I Buy?

Our outstanding audiologists are ready and waiting to help you navigate the world of hearing devices!

The busy season in Southwest Florida is in full swing. Parties, events, social gatherings, and excitement abound! With all of the activity, maybe you have decided to address your hearing loss, come in for a hearing test and potentially invest in hearing aids. People make the decision to invest in hearing devices for a variety of reasons, but many times, enjoying life to the full depends upon addressing health issues such as hearing loss.

Why Should I Address My Hearing Loss?

Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss, and many fail to address it. Why? Maybe we’re embarrassed, or maybe we don’t want to confront the realities of aging. Whatever the case may be, our overall health requires that we address hearing loss. Unaddressed, hearing loss can snowball, becoming worse and worse. Hearing loss impacts our minds and our memory. It impacts our balance. And, hearing loss impacts our relationships. Life’s best experiences are duller and more frustrating without the ability to hear.

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons to address hearing loss RIGHT AWAY!

What Type of Hearing Devices Should I Purchase?

So, you’ve decided to address your hearing loss. And, you recognize the need for hearing devices to assist you. You want to live your best life — you really and truly do! So, now what? It can be very difficult for most people to navigate the marketplace. There are oh-so-many devices available at an array of price points. And, moreover, these price points represent a variety of technological levels. So, what’s a consumer to do?

Well, we have one very important tip for you before you start researching manufacturers, types of devices, and levels of technology. So, PLEASE don’t miss this tip:


Before you decide what types of devices, get a hearing test and learn more about your options from an independent, excellent audiologist. This type of audiologist has access to an array of manufacturers, the most progressive technology available, and will be able to let you try hearing devices before you decide to keep them permanently.

Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center

Yes, Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center is exactly this type of office. We have three convenient locations, and our exceptional audiologists actually want to help you. They are able to fit their patients with a wide range of devices from a variety of manufacturers. And, this means that your Decibels audiologist will customize a hearing device solution just for you and for your unique needs. The decision-making process involves price range, lifestyle factors, and any other important health considerations.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing audiologists who can serve as a guide on the quest for the perfect hearing aids. There are so many amazing benefits to wearing hearing aids. Yes, you can enjoy your life! Yes, you will be able to hear everything at dinners, concerts, and events. And, yes, you will be able to build outstanding relationships with new friends this season! So, give us a call! We’d love to help you in your health and wellness journey!