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What Your Audiologist ISN’T Telling You

free hearing test

Your Decibels audiologist will tell you the whole truth. But, want to know what your audiologist isn’t telling you about hearing loss and aging?

Hearing loss and aging is no joke, and when you schedule an appointment for a comprehensive hearing examination at Decibels Audiology, you WILL get the whole truth. However, there are a few things that most audiologists aren’t really willing to tell you during your appointment. Curious?! Think this post might be about body odor? Don’t worry, it’s not.

1. Hearing Loss and Aging: Your Hearing Loss Makes You Seem Older Than Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can be a symptom of aging, but guess what? Not being able to hear makes you seem older than wearing hearing devices. When you are constantly asking others to repeat themselves, it makes you seem old. Alternatively, consider addressing your hearing loss and investing in hearing devices so that you can function in various environments without annoying your friends and family. Invisible hearing aids are actually invisible — and other types of devices are so inconspicuous, you’d probably never even notice someone wearing them! So, set your pride aside, and go get a hearing test.

2. Hearing Loss and Aging: There are Consequences to NOT Getting Hearing Devices

Yes, it’s true. Your audiologist wants to ask you why you waited so long to come in for a hearing test. No, hearing devices can not reverse hearing loss. HOWEVER, they can help your brain continue to process sound, protecting the pathway between your ears and your brain. When you wait to get hearing devices, it can lead to deterioration of the way your brain processes information, which can lead to dementia. So, don’t wait the national average of 7 years to get a hearing test. Schedule one today.

3. Hearing Loss and Aging: Waiting to Get Hearing Devices Makes the Adjustment More Difficult

And, yet another reason not to wait: it’s going to be more difficult to adjust to hearing devices the longer you wait to get them. When your brain isn’t used to processing sound effectively, and then suddenly you put on hearing devices, it is difficult to re-learn how to organize the information. The longer you have been living with hearing loss, the longer it takes time for your brain to adjust to being able to hear again.

4. You Can Purchase Hearing Aids Cheaper Somewhere Else

Though your audiologist may not tell you this overtly, you will likely be able to figure this one out. Though you *can* purchase hearing aids cheaper elsewhere, *should* you? There are a lot of things you can do — but should you do them? For example: eating candy for dinner on a regular basis, attempting to drink a gallon of milk in an hour, or running a half marathon without training. But, should you? The answer is — of course — no.

Similarly, purchasing cheap hearing aids results in greater expenditures over time. Getting these types of hearing aids adjusted properly is virtually impossible, and you have to constantly pay for batteries over the life of the devices. Purchasing hearing aids through an offices like Decibels Audiology may seem like more of investment, but it’s just that — an investment. Investing through Decibels includes complimentary adjustments for the life of the device, free hearing aid batteries, and free cookies and coffee whenever you want. The level of service you will get over the life of the devices make the decision a no-brainer.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today for a free hearing examination. Protect your hearing, protect your brain, and invest in something amazing — for yourself, your health, and your relationships.