What’s Really Going on with Huey Lewis?

Huey Lewis and the News

So, by now you probably know that Huey Lewis cancelled all of his tour dates for the remainder of 2018. This included the performances scheduled for South Florida earlier in the year. And, you probably understand that it had to do with his hearing health –and, something called Meniere’s Disease. But, you might not know or understand what’s really going on with him. Read on to find out more!

Huey Lewis Has Meniere’s Disease

It’s no secret — Huey Lewis was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease after a sudden hearing loss rendered him unable to perform earlier this year. What, exactly, is Meniere’s Disease? Well, it’s a progressive disease of the inner ear that causes hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). What does this mean for Huey Lewis?

  • His hearing and symptoms may never get any better. It’s difficult to pinpoint a prognosis for Meniere’s Disease, and often, hearing loss progresses in patients with this disease.
  • His condition COULD improve. Again, it is difficult to pinpoint a prognosis, but many of the systems could improve over time. Diet changes can help.
  • Huey Lewis has been fitted with the most progressive, technologically advanced Starkey hearing devices. These devices help correct the hearing loss while they are worn. Additionally, they can help retrain the ear to overcome persistent tinnitus.
  • He hopes to perform again. According to an interview with The Today Show, Lewis hopes to one day perform again. And, every other part of his life continues on in spite of his disease. However, at this time, he is not able to sing such classics as “The Power of Love” and “Heart and Soul.”

Do YOU Have Meniere’s Disease?

As you read about Huey Lewis, are you wondering if YOU, too, have Meniere’s Disease? Well, it’s certainly possible. Sudden hearing loss, followed by symptoms of tinnitus and vertigo, *can* point to the disease. However, to know for sure, you would need to schedule an appointment with a experienced and fabulous audiologist to seek a diagnosis and treatment.

Loss and Sadness Related to Meniere’s Disease

Certainly, Huey Lewis experienced a sadness regarding the onset of his debilitating disease. Not being able to sing or participate in music constituted a substantial loss. And, cancelling 40 shows was no small feat. However, he notes, that when it comes to Meniere’s Disease, a positive attitude during treatment is of the utmost importance. A healthy, low-salt diet — and no caffeine — can help as well. Perhaps you are dealing with sadness and sense of loss as well related to your hearing health.

If you experience sudden hearing loss, persistent ringing of the ears, or vertigo, it is possible that you have Meniere’s Disease. The best course of action is to schedule an appointment with an audiologist right away for a comprehensive hearing health examination. And, what better place to call than Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center? Our team of experienced audiologists would love to help you in your journey towards healing and living your best life. PLUS, we have access to the progressive, technologically advanced Starkey hearing devices that Huey Lewis wears. What could be better? So, call us today! We would love to help you out!