Your Hearing Aid Repair Appointment

Need some help with your hearing aids? Regardless of where you purchased your devices, we are pleased to offer hearing aid repair appointments! Call today!

So, your hearing aid needs repair. It happens. Devices wear out, break, fail to work properly, need to be cleaned, and require adjustments. Maybe you purchased your devices up north — or maybe your devices are relatively old, and you can’t remember where you actually purchased them. Whatever the case may be, we are “HEAR” to help you. (Get it? HEAR to help!??! Hilarious, right?)

Why Schedule A Hearing Air Repair Appointment?

Don’t wait to get your hearing aid repaired! If you have been wearing devices for a while, you understand completely how life changing they can be. Hearing devices mean you don’t miss out on life’s great joys! Beautiful live music events, spending time with friends at the local brewery, FaceTime dates with your grandchildren, or romantic dinners with your spouse in the back corner of a noisy restaurant. So, when your hearing aids fail to support your lifestyle, it is time to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment. Here are just a few reasons to do so:

  • Muffled sound. Your hearing aids require intermittent adjustment by an audiologist.
  • Broken battery doors. Hearing devices experience wear and tear. Simple repairs can increase usability — quickly and easily.
  • Cleaning. Your hearing devices may need specialized cleaning, which any of our audiologists or audiology assistants can accomplish for you.
  • Fun and excitement. Maybe your days have been a little dull, and you need a good laugh. We promise laughter and fun at all of our hearing aid repair appointments.

What Happens During a Hearing Aid Repair Appointment?

You know you need to come in and take care of your hearing devices. A hearing aid repair appointment sounds like the perfect fit for you. At Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Repair, we are able to program and coordinate repair of almost any brand of hearing aid. Because we have a relationship with so many hearing aid manufacturers, we understand all of the brands of hearing aids available on the market. And, we are pleased to help you with your devices, no matter where you purchased them!

So, what exactly happens during a hearing aid appointment at our offices?

  1. Cleaning. Your hearing aids require professional cleaning. We start by cleaning your devices thoroughly and making certain there is no moisture build up on the inside of the devices.
  2. Warranty. We check on your warranty for you. How old, exactly, are your devices? Where are you in your warranty agreement with the hearing device manufacturer?
  3. Necessary repairs. We are able to go over any necessary repairs to your devices, the cost involved, and how long the repairs will take.
  4. Hearing exam. If necessary, we will perform a hearing evaluation and otoscopic exam of your ears.

Your exam will involve all the fabulousness and fun that Decibels Audiology offers its patients. We want to get to know you and walk alongside of you in your hearing aid journey. We love helping Neapolitans live their best life and accomplish their dreams!

So, call us today to schedule a hearing aid repair. We are so excited to get to know more about you and what’s going on with your devices. Our experienced audiologists love repairing and cleaning devices, even if you didn’t purchase them from us! So, contact us today for an appointment!