Christmastime is HEAR: Holiday Hearing

Is it too soon for Christmas? We thought we’d weigh into the holiday debate — and encourage Southwest Floridians to focus on holiday hearing a bit early.

Is it too soon for all things Christmas and holiday hearing in Southwest Florida? Absolutely NOT! At Decibels Audiology, we love to celebrate as long as possible. Here’s how it goes:

  • November 1-21: Christmas
  • November 22: Thanksgiving
  • November 23-December 25: Christmas

Too soon for Christmas? That’s a no from us. Yes, Thanksgiving is AMAZING! Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, family drama, and counting your blessings: what could be better? But Christmas takes the cake — it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And, why not celebrate as long as possible?

Christmas Decorations, Movies, and Music

All things Christmas are all things completely lovely. Lights, glitter, special events, parties, and presents — it is all magic to us. And so, it is never too soon. Here are a few reasons to start celebrating — or, at least start thinking about — Christmas as early as possible:

  1. Christmas is a lot of work. The decorations, the presents, and putting together the post-Thanksgiving // pre-New Year calendar. So, it follows that there is wisdom in starting early.
  2. The Christmas decorations are gorgeous and festive. (And, it takes work to put them out.) Again, why not extend the beauty as long as humanly possible? Christmas decorations promote happy feelings of nostalgia and all the warm fuzzies. So, get them out!
  3. Christmas music and Christmas movies are happy. The Christmas entertainment industry — as a whole — promotes joy. And, at Decibels Audiology, we are all about fun and happiness in all things. So, queue the music, and line up the movie lists. We’re ready to get started!
  4. It’ll all be over before we know it. December 26th is coming, and with the busy-ness of the season, that all-too-familiar date will hit us like a Mack Truck. So, let’s celebrate Christmas today while it’s still TODAY!

So, all the too-soon-for-Christmas haters can move along! We’re ready to party!

Reasons to HEAR During the Holidays

There are so many amazing reasons to hear the whole year through. But, the holidays offer something special to all of us in the way of the five senses, including — and most especially — our sense of hearing. Here are just a few of the reasons you’re going to want to make certain you can hear this holiday season:

  • Christmas parties. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party? There are so many varieties — work parties, charity-focused parties, block parties, and ugly sweater Christmas parties. But, parties are typically difficult environments for those who have hearing loss. Big rooms, loud conversations, and lots of people present a challenge for those who have not yet invested in high quality hearing devices.
  • Family adventures. Christmas is the perfect time for visitors, vacations, and family. However, being able to hear during family events is paramount to having a lovely, memorable time.
  • Christmas music and movies. In order to enjoy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation fully, being able to hear is absolutely necessary.
  • Potential relationships. For those looking to meet that special someone, the Christmas season is so magical. Anything can happen! Happy events abound, and Christmas cheer is never-ending. But, you have to be able to hear to get to know someone new.

Holiday Hearing

So, come on in! Embrace this Christmas season, and schedule a FREE Holiday Hearing Consultation at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center. Contact us today, and come to one of our three happy, convenient, fabulous offices in Southwest Florida. We love the holidays, and we love our patients!