Haters Gonna Hate…Their Hearing Aids

Shake off the negativity in your life, and life like Taylor Swift!

Want to channel your inner Taylor Swift? I mean, who doesn’t? Taylor doesn’t wear fabulous hearing devices (yet). However, she is young, beautiful, and seemingly carefree! T-Swift lives in an over-the-top apartment in New York, wears drool-worthy handbags, and draws on her personal life to write simple, sweet songs about previous relationships. And, in one of her most popular songs ever, she encourages all of us to SHAKE IT OFF!

According to her mega-hit, “Shake It Off,” we need to keep moving, shake off negativity, and accept that the haters are going to keep hating. Refuse to settle for all the things in our lives that don’t really work, and live positively! I, for one, love this message!

Shake It Off

Haters ARE gonna hate — it’s so true. And many of us experience negative people in our lives! Can you think of a few people who bring you down on a regular basis? Yes, these haters complain about everything! The length of the grass, the temperature of the food, the prices of just about everything — you name it, and the negative person could find something bad about it.

From our experience at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Center, many of our beautiful and fabulous patients come in with lots of negative comments about hearing devices. “My friends all hate their hearing aids,” patients say. And they just can’t shake off the dread that they will become haters, too.

LOVE Your Hearing Devices!

Why do so many people hate on their hearing aids? What brings otherwise positive people down? Why are these folks unable to “shake it off” in Taylor Swift fashion? There are typically a variety of reasons, but usually, when people hate their hearing aids, they have settled for less — on quality, fit or aesthetics. And their negativity abounds. (Instead of dwelling on the negativity, they should listen to Taylor’s other hit, “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together.” And then, after a cathartic moment, break up with their less-than-ideal hearing devices once and for all.)

So, refuse to settle for less than the best. Do what Taylor Swift would do, and select an audiologist who will listen and recommend what YOU need in terms of quality and fit. Hearing devices represent a significant investment. Lifestyle considerations and aesthetics are certainly factors in cost, however, when you spend good, you get good. Invest in a lifestyle that will continue to support your exceptional, beautiful, positive personality!

It’s A Love Story

“Baby, just say yes” to an amazing hearing device experience! (Heading and subsequent lyrics quoted from Swift’s song, “Love Story.” You know you love it!) An amazing experience involves a few key factors (all of which we feature at Decibels Audiology):

  • A patient-centered, pleasant office environment.
  • A variety of hearing device manufacturers and types of devices from which to choose.
  • Excellent, experienced, positive and highly attractive audiologists who LOVE to spend time with their patients.
  • Free follow-up appointments and adjustments for the life of the devices.
  • Free cookies and coffee. (Who could complain about a freshly baked cookie?)

Fall in love with your hearing devices, and refuse to become a hater! Contact us for more information on investing in the highest quality devices for the best value.

So, To Sum Up:

  • Love your hearing devices by selecting an audiologist who has your best interests at heart.
  • Invest in hearing devices that support your lifestyle.
  • Consider comfort and fit.
  • Select an audiologist who provides free follow up appointments and adjustments for the life of the devices.

It’s as simple as that! We’ve got a blank space (on our schedule), baby, and we’ll write your name. (“Blank Space” by Taylor Swift — listen and love.)