Sign Language at Disney World

Did you know Disney World has won an award for advances in media for deaf and hard of hearing? Several years ago, Walt Disney World received an award from the National Association of the Deaf for their use of sign language interpretation at their parks, along with other programs. In fact, Mickey and Minnie’s use of sign language at Disney recently created a touching moment for a two year old boy with special needs.

With the help of an American Sign Language translator, Mickey and Minnie Mouse signed “I love you,” and “It’s nice to meet you” to a toddler with special needs adopted through Olive Crest, a non-profit organization. (The organization released the video, but did not release the name of the boy.) If you have any heart at all, this video will give you all the feels, proving once again that Disney equals magic. Pure, sweet, innocent magic.

The Magic of Disney

Disney World is nothing short of magical. When was the last time you went to Disney World with your kids or grandchildren? Yes, you may have experienced an array of public meltdowns and a chorus of whines; however, you likely saw wonder and amazement in their eyes as well. Disney has a way of emptying your wallet and filling your heart. (Though I, for one, love spending money on experiences and take no issue with the cost.) You can’t put a price tag on the experience of meeting the Disney princesses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Andy and Jessie from Toy Story, and waiting 90 minutes to ride Peter Pan. No, taking children to Disney World doesn’t totally resemble their commercials for doing so. And yet, the experience is extraordinary.

Disney Sign Language

It’s true — Disney World parks offer a fantastic experience for every generation. As if that isn’t enough, Disney offers programs and translation services on a regular basis to visitors who are hearing impaired. In fact, they provide services for parades and stage shows, among other aspects of the parks experience. Moreover, Disney officials have created hundreds of signs for Disney-specific words, which many of the cast members know and use on a regular basis. How cool is that?

A quick Google search of sign language use at Disney World reveals many similar touching moments as the video above. Cast members and characters utilize American Sign Language to connect with visitors. Children rejoice at that type of visual communication and connection! It’s amazing to see!

Hearing Device Fittings

At Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, we get to watch similar looks of awe and wonder when we fit our patients with hearing devices for the first time. Yes, our audiologists are attractive. No, they aren’t dressed up as Rapunzel or Flynn Rider (Rapunzel’s love interest in the movie “Tangled). Strengthening patients’ ability to hear gets all of us excited, though! Preserving hearing-related brain function gives us all the feels, just like this video we share with you today.

To Sum Up:

  • Disney World totally and completely rocks! (Even though it’s a people trap set by a mouse.)
  • The sweet video shows Minnie and Mickey using sign language to connect with a very shy boy.
  • We love connecting with patients by offering the most advanced hearing device technology.
  • Our audiologists do not wear costumes, except for *maybe* on Halloween. *Maybe.*

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