Hearing Loss Support Group

Want to come to a fun event and connect with others who experience hearing loss? Come to our next Hearing Loss Support Group!

What are you doing on Tuesday, January 30 from 4-6pm? Before you purchase tickets at the Paragon Pavilion’s $6 movie night or make plans for happy hour, consider coming to our Hearing Loss Support Group. No, it won’t be like a sad scene from one of those depressing movies that wins a bunch of awards. It will be like a party scene from a happy, hilarious comedy.

Hearing Loss Support Group

Maybe you’re new to hearing loss, or maybe you have worn hearing devices for many years. Whatever the case may be, we guarantee you will have a fantastic time at our Hearing Loss Support Group event! Yes, that’s right, we GUARANTEE you will have a fantastic time. Why, exactly?

  1. You will meet new friends. There are lots of people out there JUST LIKE YOU. People who love life and who love to hear in a variety of situations. These are the people who are attending our Hearing Loss Support Group. It’s PERFECT!
  2. You will meet hilarious and fun Decibels. If you have yet to meet our staff members or audiologists, you are missing out. We are fabulous folks who love the Naples community, and we want to get to know YOU!
  3. You will eat delicious snacks. Free, yummy food — need I say more? Ditch your happy hour plans (or just delay them), and come out for pre-dinner deliciousness.

What Will Happen If I Attend?

You might be wondering what will happen if you agree to attend a Hearing Loss Support Group at Decibels Audiology. First, I will share with you a few things that WON’T happen to you if you attend. You will not inadvertently join a weird, pyramid scheme-type cult. You won’t sit around in an awkward circle of chairs listening to awkward waiting room music, waiting for someone to talk. And no, you won’t leave feeling like you wasted precious moments of your life like you did the last time you waited 45 minutes at a DMV to take a mandatory vision test up north.

You will, however, make new friends and connect with others who are experiencing the same things you are. Getting adjusted to life with hearing aids takes a bit of work. It can feel frustrating, at times. And, it can take some getting used to. Remember when you got your first iPad? Or connected your Amazon Fire TV? Or experienced your new car’s super sophisticated computer navigation/back-up camera system that connects with your smart phone for the first time? All of those adjustments in life require commitment, work, and time. The same goes for new hearing devices.

Connecting with other people can help. And connecting with the Decibels Audiology staff on a personal level can encourage growth and progress. Bring your toughest questions, most hilarious jokes, and your funniest stories!

Ready to Commit?

Are you ready to commit to one of the premiere events happening in Naples? Come experience our next Hearing Loss Support Group, and change your life for the better! Give us a call to RSVP today! Our next support group will take place at our Michigan Avenue location in Central Naples. So, mark your calendars,  and get yourself ready for an amazing night!