The Season of Hears-giving

Hears-giving is a season to give thanks for all things hearing related. What are you thankful for?

‘Tis the season of “Hears-giving.” What is this never-before-heard-of holiday? It’s very similar in nature to Thanksgiving in that it is a season of gratitude. Hears-giving takes place during November, and it is a time to be thankful for our hearing as well as hearing healthcare! Being able to hear is an amazing aspect of life; it is worth preserving and worth fighting for. How are you celebrating Hears-giving?

Give Thanks for Your Hearing

Yes, Hears-giving is a made-up holiday. And yes, everyday at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center is a day to celebrate our favorite of the five senses: the ability to hear noises. (We also celebrate our brain’s ability to translate and interpret meaning.) But, Hears-giving exists for us. It is a time to be grateful for what we have related to our hearing. And what does hearing mean for you? It could mean one (or more) of the following things:

  1. Understanding your grandchildren’s detailed and exceptionally intelligent babble about their day over Facetime or internet video chat.
  2. Giving non-awkward responses to questions during your most recent dinner party.
  3. Hearing the champagne bottle pop and ducking at the right moment (also during your most recent dinner party).
  4. ¬†Ignoring your significant other because you WANT to, not because you don’t understand or hear what he or she says.
  5. Not having to ask the server to repeat the specials again and again and again. (And not unintentionally consuming spitted-on food.)

The list could go on and on…and on and on. There are so many things we have to be thankful for related to our hearing!

Hearing Healthcare and the Brain

Hearing isn’t just about all the components of your ears working properly. It’s about the connection between your brain and your ears. The pathway between the brain and the ears must be preserved in order for your brain to be able to translate sounds properly.

Thus, giving thanks for our ability to hear also involves the brain. Hearing properly implies a level of brain function. When we experience hearing loss, the connection from our ears to our brains can also become muddled or impaired. Brain function plays a vital role in hearing. Thus, Hears-giving involves giving thanks for our brain’s ability to take sounds and turn them into something we can understand.

Hears-giving at Decibels Audiology

Hears-giving gets a little more focused and intense at Decibels. (And yes, we still understand it’s a fabricated holiday.) Hearing healthcare has never been more fun or exceptional than at Decibels on a daily basis. During Hears-giving, we give thanks for hearing, but we also give thanks for what makes Decibels Audiology so amazing. We are thankful for:

  1. An outstanding team of hearing healthcare professionals. These attractive and unique individuals love life, care deeply for their patients, have fun, and draw upon their many years of experience each and every day they come to work.
  2. A patient-centered practice. Here, we run on time for our appointments. We provide free batteries for the life of any hearing device fitted at Decibels. We provide free service and adjustments at ANY TIME. The list of benefits goes on and on.
  3. THE BEST PATIENTS, hands down. Hears-giving, above all else, is a time to celebrate just how wonderful our patients are. We welcome some of the most exceptional men and women into our office, and we have the privilege of fitting them with the most progressive, precise, technologically advanced hearing devices available.

Stop by one of our offices anytime to celebrate Hears-giving with us! We’d love to say hi and toast to the fun side of hearing healthcare with you!