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Free Hearing Test: Say What?!

free hearing test

Our lovely, fun staff provides completely free hearing tests to members of our community!

Do you want to know about the brilliant magic of a free hearing test at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center? Like many people in Southwest Florida, you’re probably thinking there’s some sort of catch. A free hearing test and exam? No way. Not possible.

A Completely Free Hearing Test

Our hearing exams are totally and completely free. It’s true. You don’t have to listen to a three hour presentation about how time shares are an amazing investment. And you aren’t going to be waiting in line in the blazing heat like you might for a free hot dog from the newest specialty grocery store in town. Even better, you don’t have to hold out for a specific day of the year, as you would for the free Slurpees from 7-11. (By the way, Slurpees are free each year on July 11. But, you have to bring your own cup.)

All day, every *business* day, Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center provides free hearing tests to the local community. All you have to do is call to schedule an appointment! Amazing, right?

The Appointment

You might think this free hearing test involves some sort of pain, such as sitting in a waiting room for 75 minutes only to get some sharp implement shoved into your ear canal. On the contrary, hearing tests are completely painless in our amazing and efficient office. You won’t be forced to wile away the day in a stuffy, smelly waiting room either. In fact, our office smells like fresh baked cookies ALL THE TIME. Want to know why? We bake fresh cookies throughout the day and provide them to the community whenever you want.

After stepping into our efficiently-run, no wait time, chocolate chip cookie-smelling office, you’ll be whisked away into one of our exam rooms for your hearing test. What does this hearing test involve?

  1. One of our experienced, passionate, attractive audiologists will ask questions about your story and what makes you unique. And, perhaps more importantly, she will LISTEN to your responses.
  2. You will put on some super cool headphones, step into one of our futuristic sound booths, and listen to some noises.
  3. Your fabulous and adorable audiologist will examine your ears using an otoscope.
  4. Using clear and concise language, your audiologist will explain the results of your exam.

And that’s it. Simple, pain free, and easy, a free hearing test represents a great adventure into the world of audiological healthcare.

Our Promises to You

Still not convinced a free hearing test at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center is worthwhile? Here are just a few of the promises we make to those who those who come in for an appointment:

  • You will laugh. Our audiologists all have a great sense of humor. We are a fun bunch, and we love to get to know new patients!
  • You will discover more about yourself. You will learn more about your hearing health, ways to care for yourself, and how important it is to get an annual hearing test. (And every hearing test here is free, not just the first one!)
  • If you so choose, you will enjoy a cup of hot, delicious coffee (or tea) and a warm, soft chocolate chip cookie.

What could be better? Call us today to schedule your free hearing test!