help in sign language

Boy Uses Sign Language During His Visit to Santa

help in sign language

A toddler in Maryland used sign language to signal for help while sitting on Santa’s lap

When you were little, do you remember going to visit Santa Claus? Maybe you visited him at the mall, a local hardware store, or in your town center or on Main Street. Did you get dressed up? Or write a list? Maybe you brought a personalized letter, listing all of your greatest Christmas wishes, along with a comprehensive guide to your good deeds from that particular year. But, in your visit with Santa, did you use sign language to communicate?

Toddler Uses Sign Language with Santa Claus

One young toddler in Owings Mills, Maryland utilized sign language in his interaction with the local mall’s Santa Claus. Kerry Spencer taught her son several American Sign Language signs, and he chose to communicate his feelings about sitting on Santa’s lap in a very clear way. Rather than signing “hello” or “more” or “I love you,” the boy signed, “Help!” Hilarious, right?

Spencer shared the situation, along with the photo, on Twitter, and the post went viral!

I think each one of us can think of a situation in which a child we know, or one to whom we are related, has cried out in emotional distress at being placed on Santa’s lap. It’s true, sitting on the lap of a rotund, bearded, old guy could be a creepy situation for a child. In fact, I brought my daughter to see Santa when she was 15 months old. Only a few seconds into the dramatic screams and tears, Santa turned to me and commented, “This is child abuse.” Needless to say, he handed her back to me.

Help is On the Way!

And yet, the Santa pictures captured this time of year are priceless. Regardless of how children communicate, their expressions say it all! And when children experience trauma in the wake of being place on Santa’s lap, help is quickly on the way. After a quick picture, of course. These types of situations require photos for things like wedding slide shows and future blackmail opportunities.

From the looks of it, the toddler was not able to tell Santa his Christmas list. I’m sure he’ll get what he wants this year, though! He is all things Christmas cuteness. (You can get onto the nice list by being a cutey, right?)

What’s the Sign for Hearing Help?

Maybe you can identify with this cute boy. You may be in a stressful situation this season and need some help. For those who are struggling with hearing, we are here for you. And, you don’t need to know the American Sign Language sign for “Help!” You can reach out to us regardless of your situation.

Moreover, coming into Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center for a FREE hearing test is not as scary as sitting on Santa’s lap. Our audiologists don’t have long, white beards. They don’t wear bright red suits made out of velvet or put on hefty black leather boots every morning. They’re attractive, experienced, knowledgeable, caring people who love helping their fellow Southwest Floridians. They are non-creepy, and you’ll never have to admit to any naughtiness.

At Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, you’re always on the nice list! Contact us to schedule your visit today. Merry Christmas!