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You NEED to be a Decibel

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You NEED to be a Decibel? Want to know why? We’re energetic, educated, independent and fun!

You might not know it yet, but you NEED to be a Decibel. What, exactly, does it mean to be a Decibel? And why, exactly, should you become one? Sure, it has to do with hearing health, but it is oh-so-much more.

What is a Decibel?

Are you wondering what it means to be a Decibel? Maybe you are already aware that a decibel (lower case) refers to a logarithmic unit used to express value. Essentially, it describes sound level. However, this traditional definition barely scratches the surface of what it means to be a Decibel (upper case).

A Decibel loves life and embraces everything the Southwest Florida community has to offer. First, a Decibel refers to an audiologist employed by the greatest hearing healthcare organization in the universe. Additionally, a Decibel refers to someone who chose to join the family by scheduling a free hearing test or repair consult. Or, he or she may have invested in the best technology, stopping by for a visit to the Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center office whenever necessary.

Last, a Decibel remains consistently positive, open to new ideas, youthful, exuberant, energetic. He or she stays involved in the Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center community for life.

Why You Need to Be a Decibel

Why do you personally need to be a Decibel? (upper case intended) And, what’s so great about Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center?

  1. We’re a family. Happy, energetic people fill our expanding community. It’s true, we love each other, and we already love YOU (even though we don’t know you yet). Every time you walk into our office, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.
  2. We love hearing health care. Our passion and mission intersect on a daily basis. We’re educated fully, and we love helping others hear better. More importantly, we desire that all our patients live the lifestyle they dream of living!
  3. We’re independent. Our office is not tied to any one hearing aid manufacturer. This means that we offer you individualized hearing health care solutions. Here, we provide access to all possible device options. Though many hearing offices exist in Southwest Florida, a truly independent office (like ours) is difficult to find.
  4. We’re fun. Sure, we treat others how we’d like to be treated. And yes, we geek out to all things audiology-related. However, we dearly love to laugh every day of the week!

Hearing Health and YOU

Do you have a Christmas wish this holiday season? Maybe you are “wanty,” desiring many toys representing a range of hobbies or activities. Conversely, maybe you crave adventure, and your Christmas wish includes travel to faraway places or visits to distant relatives.

This season, many in our community seek peace and health. Our brains and our hearing work in tandem. Yes, it’s true: how well we hear impacts our brain function. In other words, hearing loss often translates to diminished brain function, dementia, and other health issues. Have you considered including a hearing screening on your Christmas wish list? At Decibels Audiology, hearing screenings cost NOTHING. Yes, you read that correctly — completely free. Why not pursue great health by getting your hearing checked on an annual basis?

Fun, family, and free hearing screenings! What more do you want this Christmas? Become a Decibel today! Contact us to find out more.