Summer is Coming: Are YOU Ready?

Make this summer the best one yet! Schedule a free hearing consultation today!

May is a few days away, and summer is upon us! What makes summer special for your family? At Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Naples, we LOVE summertime! Summer means more fun, travel, helping out our Naples community, getting into restaurants more easily, and spending more time with our year-round Naples patients. Watermelons, American flag cakes, new adventures, and endless excitement!

Summertime Fun: Don’t Miss A Word!

Are you a seasonal resident in Naples, Florida?  If so, summer likely means traveling north to spend time with family and friends. Are you ready for all the fun that awaits you? The parties, the grandchildren, the activities, the travel, the golf and tennis? All of these aspects of the upcoming season require that you are able to hear! Don’t miss out on the squeals from your grandchildren when they see you for the first time after a long break! And, don’t miss important conversations at dinners out with friends!

Before you leave for your summertime travels, schedule an appointment for a FREE HEARING CONSULTATION at one of our convenient offices. We’ll let you know what’s going on with your hearing. We get to know you: your unique needs, your lifestyle, and what you’re experiencing in terms of your hearing. And, we will come up with an individualized solution JUST FOR YOU! Plus, we will provide batteries for your devices for all your summer travels…FREE.

Loving Summer in Naples, Florida

For those of us who love Naples all year long, we know the summertime is Southwest Florida’s best kept secret. It’s true: beach parking is a breeze, downtown Naples is beyond pleasant, and almost every restaurant offers summertime deals. PLUS, you never really have to wait anywhere, including in line at the grocery store. Parking lots empty out, and traffic is almost non-existent.

So, the summertime season in Naples is just around the corner. Likely, you’ve already noticed our town emptying out. It’s the perfect time to schedule all of your appointments. Piano tuner — check. Air conditioner annual service — check. FREE hearing test — check. The quietness of our town provides the perfect backdrop for taking care of these types of maintenance tasks.

Here We Go!

So, what does Summer 2018 look like for you and your family? What’s on your “summer bucket list?” The best months of the year are just around the corner, so make your list and check it twice. And, make certain your hearing health is up to the task of all of the adventure and excitement that awaits you and your family.

Do you have any questions about how to support your hearing health over the next season of your life? Give us a call! Our outstanding, attractive, and experienced audiologists would love to get to know you and help you. Our convenient locations offer patients in Southwest Florida the opportunity to schedule appointments quickly and easily. Plus, our offices provide patients with fresh-baked cookies, delicious coffee, interesting magazines, and little-to-no waiting. What are you waiting for? Make this summer the best one yet! Contact us today.