Be “Good” at Aging

Aging doesn’t have to be depressing or scary. Be good at the aging process!

Reality check: we all age. Every one of us. No one can escape the aging process. Yet, most of us are shocked when we encounter the realities of aging. We are surprised about change. We make comments constantly about children in our lives: “She’s grown so much! Wow! I can’t believe it!” And, as we transition into new decades, we’re surprised at the ways in which our bodies change. In fact, we talk about it all the time!

The Aging Body

It’s true, as we age, our bodies change. No, I’m not giving you a talk about puberty or the birds and the bees. Don’t worry — you’re not still in fifth grade health class. It’s more of a lesson in physics and the laws of nature. Imagine yourself at the bar of life drinking cocktail after cocktail after cocktail over your younger years. Then, Gravity and her fellow bartenders, Aging and Time, demand payment. Suddenly, it’s time to settle up. All three lovely employees expect gratuity as well. Wrinkles and grey hairs appear. Sagging happens. Joints creak, and exercise becomes more and more taxing. Our bodies deteriorate slowly before our eyes.

This *may* sound kind of sad, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s a glorious part of life. How do we deal with the realities of aging while continuing to hold on to joy and delight? Of course, the answer lives in our attitude.

Aging Well

So, then: how can we be “good” at aging? Is it possible to accept the realities of a changing body with joy? Here are just a few guidelines from many years of informal research and our laid-back system of gathering anecdotal evidence:

  1. Accept the realities of aging. All things change — including your body. As we get older, our bodies age. You aren’t the same as you were at age 27. Realize the truth of this, accept it, and continue on in joy and fun.
  2. Laugh all the time! Laugh with others, and laugh at yourself. Take things lightly rather than personally.
  3. Keep yourself young — in all the right ways! Exercise, wear what you love, and spend time with people who bring you joy and build you up.
  4. Hold onto your lifestyle. Do the things you enjoy. Go to events, eat out at fabulous restaurants, travel, shop, and continue to pursue the things you enjoy doing.
  5. Take joy in what’s great about your life! Count blessings rather than limitations. Fill your head with positive thoughts, and take joy in the good rather than wallowing in the bad.
  6. Get an annual hearing exam. Being “good” at aging means taking good care of yourself. Don’t wait for others to try to convince you to take care of yourself. Be proactive about it. For instance, when you start having trouble hearing, accept it. And, get a hearing test.

We Care About You!

It’s true — we care about our fellow Southwest Floridians. And, we care about our patients. Please come and see us as you progress through this stage of your life. We want to help you laugh and maintain your lifestyle. We want to walk through this with you in an excellent way. So, give us a call, and set up an appointment today!