Adriana Villalobos, M.A. CCC-A

The Magic of Adriana Villalobos

Adriana Villalobos, M.A. CCC-A

Adriana is pure magic! You’ll love her for all the same reasons we do!

Our teams of fabulous audiologists are amazing! Astounding! Fantastic! Equipped with tremendous brain power! They have the ability to work magic utilizing their knowledge, experience, and technology. One specific audiologist/family member at Decibels Audiology is Adriana Villalobos.

The Magic of Adriana

What is so amazing about Adriana? Oh, how we love her! Let us count the ways:

  1. Adriana has experience. Adriana began her career as an audiologist in 1991. For those of you who can’t do fast math, that’s 26 years ago. 26 magical, passionate years of learning, growing, fitting, perfecting, and honing her craft. 26 years of interacting with patients, specifically with patients requiring hearing devices.
  2. Adriana loves technology. She has seen it all. She began working on hearing devices using analog systems that required tiny screw drivers to adjust these devices. These are the hearing aids your parents and grandparents used to wear. They were ugly, clunky, annoying, squeaky, whiny, and ineffective when compared with the technology available now. Because of past frustration, Adriana is IN LOVE with what is currently available! She knows the array of devices on the market inside and out. These devices are precise, pretty, compatible with smart phones, wonderfully complex, and, in short — they work.
  3. Adriana listens. When was the last time you had a health issue, scheduled an appointment with a specialist, and the doctor LISTENED to you? Really, truly listened? Yes, Adriana has experience. Yes, she loves technological advances. But, her passion is for people and providing her patients with hearing devices that WORK FOR THEM. This involves listening and responding with no hidden agenda.
  4. Adriana is on time.¬†Adriana doesn’t make her patients wait, and she doesn’t overbook appointment. She respects her patients, and she’s on time with her schedule. And not just sometimes or most of the time. ALL THE TIME!

Adriana Villalobos’ Dogs and Her Crotheting Wizardry

Not convinced about booking an appointment to see the lovely and amazing Adriana Villalobos? Need another couple of facts convince you? Well then, here you go! Adriana Villalobos has two adorable dogs. Both are Shih-tzus, and both are extremely good looking. Thomas is 10 years old (pictured in the red and white striped sweater). And, Rogue is two years old (pictured in the red and green circular sweater). According to Adriana, “Thomas is patient and sweet, and Rogue is feisty, fearless, and very dramatic.”

Adriana crochets dog sweaters with dynamic and artistic precision. She’s an amazing artisan, and she enjoys the beauty, symmetry, and meditative quality of crochet.

Personal Information about Adriana

Connecting with Adriana Villalobos is easy! Why, you may ask? Because she’s amazing, cultured, and an interesting person. In fact, you likely have something in common with her.

  • She speaks English, Spanish, and German. AND she’s fluent in hearing aid programming technology!
  • She graduated from the University of Texas in 1991 and won the Sertoma Outstanding Graduate Student award.
  • She moved to Naples in 1999, back when Livingston Road was just two lanes and stopped between Golden Gate Parkway and Pine Ridge Road.
  • Adriana travels out of the country often, and has spent vast amounts of time all over the world.
  • She and her husband, Pete, have two children.
  • Her husband, Pete, is one lucky fella. (Don’t worry — he;s fully aware of his good fortune. Especially when Adriana wears her red dress to the Decibels Christmas party.)
  • Adriana and Pete are heavily involved in the Southwest Florida arts scene.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to book some Adriana time today!