The True Cost of Hearing Loss

Think hearing devices cost a lot? Consider the costs associated with NOT investing in hearing aids.

Like many people confronted with hearing loss, you may find yourself flippantly mentioning the high cost of hearing aids. “They’re just so expensive,” you may comment during social interactions or conversations with your significant other. But have you ever considered how expensive NOT investing in hearing aids may be? Relatively speaking, hearing devices represent a fantastic value, particularly when you choose to invest in high quality devices that meet the demands of your fabulous lifestyle!

Your Fabulous Lifestyle and Hearing Loss

When you are unable to hear everything you’re supposed to hear, chaos typically ensues. Do you continue to maintain a professional presence on a board of directors? Do you continue to work to supplement your retirement? Or are you working full time in a fast paced environment? Regardless of how you choose to spend your time, hearing loss can result in diminished performance on a professional level. When you are unable to hear, you are often unable to participate fully in meetings or respond adequately to clients or colleagues.

It’s often true — failing to address hearing loss can impact earning potential. Did you know that people with hearing loss have a 15% greater chance of being unemployed? Hearing loss impacts professional opportunities and relationships. Thus, not scheduling a yearly exam with an audiologist and/or investing in hearing device can be costly. Remain your fabulous self! Schedule an appointment with an audiologist.

Increased Medical Issues and Hearing Loss

Did you know that untreated hearing loss is directly related to increased risk of falling? Hearing loss impacts balance. The inability to hear can also impact essential conversations with medical professionals. You have to be able to hear your doctor to understand your own health, treatment options for illnesses, and other specifics. Not being able to hear can result in increased medical expenses. So, take care of yourself! Get an annual hearing test.

Relationships and Hearing Loss

We say this so often at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center — hearing loss hurts relationships. Talk about costly! When you can’t hear, you can’t communicate effectively. Effective communication is key to growing, loving,  fantastic relationships. Who doesn’t want to invest in that?

So, let’s play a friendly game of Would You Rather for a moment. No cheating! And, think about your answers. They are eternally binding.

  1. Would you rather invest in high quality hearing aids or have an annoyed woman on your hands?
  2. Would you rather purchase hearing devices or contend with frustrated family members who think up excuses not to go to restaurants with you?
  3. And finally and very randomly, would you rather fist fight a bear or a lion?
  4. No, wait, here’s a better one — would you rather be completely fabulous every day of your life or avoid investing in hearing devices? (And just FYI, being fabulous every day in every way is oh-so-worth-it.)

Hearing Loss and Your Fab Self

Meet the challenges of hearing loss head on. Consult with an audiologist, and if necessary, invest in high quality hearing devices that meet your needs. Seek to preserve the connection between your brain and your hearing. Invest in your relationships, your professional life, and your fabulous self. Because, let’s be honest: NOT investing in your hearing is extremely costly. The stakes are high. Play to win! We have this one fabulous life, and today is another day we weren’t promised.

Contact us for a FREE hearing consultation! (It’ll be one of the most fun appointments of your life. GUARANTEED or your money back.) Invest in your hearing, your health, and fabulous self!