What Happens During a Hearing Exam?

Who wouldn’t want a hearing test experience from one of our fun, fabulous and experienced audiologists?

Maybe you’ve been avoiding it. Maybe you’re just wondering because of scientific curiosity. Or, maybe you’re spouse has been nagging you to get your ears checked. You may be asking the universe the seemingly unknowable question: What exactly happens during a hearing exam? Well, the answer is not unknowable, and you have no reason to avoid it. Hearing exams at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center are fun and informative. You’ll learn more about yourself and your health, and you’re going to have a wonderful time — we guarantee it!

So, What Happens During a Hearing Exam?

A comprehensive hearing exam is totally painless, and there are several main components. Today, I’ll be sharing each of these components with you so that you’ll have absolutely no fear about scheduling your [FREE!] hearing consultation at Decibels Audiology.

  1. Welcome! When you walk into the front door of any one of our three offices, you will be greeted warmly by a smiling, friendly member of our staff. He or she will offer you a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, along with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. So far, painless and completely happy.
  2. Hearing and Health History. Your outstanding, experienced audiologist will get to know you — your health history, your experiences, and your lifestyle. What is frustrating about your current hearing situation? When do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves? Have you had any medical conditions, surgeries, or other issues in the past? All of these play a role in hearing health — and hearing healthcare outcomes.
  3. Otoscopic Exam. Next, your audiologist will perform an otoscopic exam. Quite simply, she will check inside your ear and your ear canal. Who knows? You could have wax buildup that prevents you from hearing properly. She will confirm that your ears are clear, and that every portion of your ear, ear canal and ear drum look healthy. The otoscopic portion of the exam shows us a lot!

And, finally, but perhaps, most importantly:

4. Your Hearing Test

No, we’re not communicating with alien planets. And no, you won’t be teleported to an interplanetary space station. And, your data isn’t being sent to Russian intelligence via Sputnik telecommunications. Rather, you’ll enter a sound-proof booth to identify various sounds. It’s easy, pain-free, and illuminating. Your audiologist will chart your unique hearing health, and she will fully explain the results. (And, results are immediate.)

Your hearing test will show you — conclusively — how you are actually hearing in a variety of environments. It can help show if you need any type of hearing device. Because we have an independent audiology office, we can recommend a variety of devices from an array of manufacturers. It’s fabulous — and it’s in your best interest as a consumer. Our patients LOVE this about our office! They can try a wide range of devices before they select the ones that fit them — and their unique and fabulous lifestyles — best. What could be better?

Yes, a hearing exam represents an investment of time. And, yes — a hearing test often shows information that some would rather not know. However, our happy patients love living their best, most active lives. And, that is BECAUSE they chose to get a hearing test. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today! Schedule your FREE hearing test!