What Happens If My Hearing Aid Stops Working?

When you make the decision to invest in hearing devices, the devices should work and continue to work to improve your hearing in various types of environments. What happens, though, when one or both of your hearing devices stop working? What are some of theMan Scratching Ear reasons that hearing devices stop working, and what solutions exist to correct the issue?

Batteries and Wax Traps: Two Vital Factors in Hearing Device Functionality

It is very easy to get frustrated when devices stop working, particularly if you are used to the fantastic benefits that hearing aids provide! Before blaming the devices themselves or considering them to be “broken” and in need of repair, there are a couple of things you can check. These steps apply to in the canal custom hearing aids and receiver in the canal devices (RICs/BTEs). 

  1. Change the hearing aid battery. Putting a brand new battery in your device can sometimes correct the issue. It’s easy to forget to open the battery door at night, and in the morning, believe the hearing aid to be broken because the battery died while the hearing device was not inserted in your ear. Before doing anything else, remove the battery and replace it with a new one. 
  2. Change the hearing aid wax trap or wax guard. Wax issues are often to blame for non-functioning hearing devices. Custom hearing aids, as well as RICs (receivers-in-canal devices), have wax traps that prevent ear wax from damaging device components permanently. When these wax traps are full, the device WILL stop functioning. It may seem like the device is broken permanently, but it is merely a full wax trap. A new wax trap inserted into the device will correct the issue.
If you have tried BOTH of these solutions, and your device still does not function properly, or you are experiencing intermittent function, contact your hearing aid service provider. At Decibels Audiology in Southwest Florida we provide free service (AND free batteries) for the life of our patients’ hearing devices. We can often help correct issues our patients have right here in our office. It may be that you have a broken receiver, or that your hearing aid needs to go back to the manufacturer for repair. Hearing device components such as receivers, microphones, or computer components inside the device itself can have issues for a variety of reasons, many of which can be corrected under the service warranty. 

A Note About Excessive Moisture

Some of our patients in Southwest Florida tend to experience issues with their hearing devices related to excessive moisture. Weather related humidity and increased levels of perspiration can impact the ways in which hearing aids function on a regular basis. The good news is there ARE solutions that can help correct these issues! In order to prevent moisture from impacting the devices’ ability to function, we have drying chambers available to our patients. These chambers can help prevent moisture from damaging hearing devices’ internal components.
Please contact us at 239-593-5327 to set up an appointment today for a repair consultation or a hearing device consultation in our Naples, Florida office. We would love to help correct issues you are having with your current devices or show you the impressive new technology we make available to our patients!
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