Principles of Being Cool

You don’t have to look a certain way to be cool. Confidence and outstanding hearing aids can get you there!

Culture changes more rapidly now than ever before, making it nearly impossible to stay up-to-date on current trends. Therefore, you may (wrongly) assume that becoming “cool” is out of reach. WRONG! You can be a very cool person. And you can wear cool hearing aids. Read to find out how.

How to Be Cool

So, you want to be cool. Great! Today, I offer you a short tutorial on how to be a super cool person. Here are a few steps on how to navigate current cultural norms and emerge as the pinnacle of awesome.

  1. Be confident in who you are. This involves knowing who you are: passions, hobbies, style, and sense of humor. Confidence also involves accepting all of these things about yourself. Through daily actions, say to the world, “I love calculator watches. Calculator watches are cool because I wear one.”
  2. Be smart. Learn a lot about something. Become an expert on any given topic that you might find remotely interesting, such as Tolkien’s Middle Earth, techniques in wooden boat building, or the Napoleonic Wars.
  3. Stay current. Remain up-to-date on current events and pop culture. And the easiest, most efficient way to accomplish this is to read the Wall Street Journal each day, including the weekend edition.
  4. Stay healthy. Don’t let your health slide; rather, stay in shape by finding an activity you enjoy. Examples may include: Brazilian jiu jitsu, frisbee golf, big group games of tag, putting together closet organizers, or running away from a nagging wife asking you to build a closet organizer. Visit a doctor regularly. Eat healthfully. Get a hearing exam each year, and wear cool hearing aids if necessary. Unhealthy is super uncool.
  5. Be positive. Do you really want others to see you as “cool?” Then, speak positively about yourself and others. Keep a positive mindset, because happiness is contagious! As my dad always says, “Life is hard, and then you die.” But life is also amazingly beautiful, hilarious and varied — enjoy!

Why Decibels Audiology and Our Hearing Aids are Cool

You may not believe us, but cool hearing aids are available! And it IS possible to be a super cool person who wears super cool hearing aids! (Please re-read the above tutorial for confirmation.) And Decibels Audiology is a cool place to hang out! Yes, we are a super cool, super fun, super amazing healthcare office with the world’s most attractive audiologists. We provide cool hearing aids that work correctly, preserve brain function, AND make you even more awesome than you already are. Here are just a few of the ways the Decibels family aligns with the above principles of cool:

  1. We are confident. Experienced, knowledgeable, loving audiologists comprise the Decibels Audiology family.
  2. We are smart. The Decibels staff members are experts in all things hearing-related, including fit, function, programming, and hearing device selection.
  3. We stay current. We make only the most up-to-date technology available to our patients. Moreover, our audiologists LOVE what they do, and they are passionate about all things audiology-related. This means they like to stay current on the world of technology and audiology.
  4. We promote health and wellness. Our staff members are all about patients well-being — physical, mental, financial, and audiological.
  5. We are — quite simply — the MOST fun, most positive, most attractive group of people you will ever meet.

So come on in! Call us! Be cool, and join our family. We guarantee you’ll love it here.