waiting in line at a Costco warehouse

The Truth About Cheap Hearing Aids

waiting in line at a warehouse for cheap hearing aids

Frustrated people waiting in line

Think you can visit a big box store and purchase a TV, 20 pounds of chicken, and a set of cheap hearing aids and leave happy and free from frustration? Well, you might be the first person EVER to have that experience! How do we know that? We get multiple calls every day from patients frustrated with the cheap hearing aids they purchased from giant discount warehouses.

And guess what? Unfortunately, we can’t help patients who have purchased cheap hearing aids from wholesale warehouses or big box retailers. The technology is outdated, and the hearing aids are made specifically for those retailers using old software. Hearing device manufacturers (such as Starkey or Widex) spend tens of millions of dollars each year developing new technology to provide increased clarity, decreased frustration, and an exceptional experience to the end user. As a result, these manufacturers make this technology available to private practice audiologists and NOT big box retailers. Those giant warehouses only have access to technology that is 3-4 years old. Moreover, these cheap hearing aids often leave patients frustrated and upset.

The Experience at Decibels Audiology

See all the frustrated people waiting in line in the picture at the top of this blog post? Their excitement at picking up a $4.99 rotisserie chicken, a $500 Yeti cooler for $20 off, and a $13.99 off-brand princess dress for their granddaughter has waned. Surrounded by people exactly like themselves, they are all simple cogs in the wheel of big box commerce.

Of course, warehouse customers might be tempted by the 3-4 year old cheap hearing aids and technology I previously mentioned at advertised prices of $1,349 per device. However, the frustration of standing in line to get those devices adjusted and serviced will cause the initial appeal of the PERCEIVED savings to disappear.

The Direct Comparison

Alternatively, at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Center, our older technology (2-3 years old) runs at $999 per device. Yes, these devices cost less. More importantly, though, our fantastic offices exist to serve our patients with joy, laughter and fun. Our offices offer a pleasantly bright environment, filled with highly attractive, attentive, HAPPY office staff and audiologists. In addition, we serve fresh baked cookies all day, every day. Make the process of addressing your hearing health care a fun and exciting experience! Our staff members and audiologists become friends and advocates; they desire to see you live the life of your dreams! Do you honestly believe you’ll get that type of experience at a big box retailer? (Oh, and we provide free service and batteries for the life of your hearing devices.)

Cheap Hearing Aids vs. Best Value Hearing Devices

Frustrated by your hearing loss? Overwhelmed with your increased tinnitus issues? Let your food and stuff be your food and stuff. Let your healthcare be your healthcare. Search for the best audiologists you can find, and refuse to settle for less than the most up-to-date technology! As you are aware, hearing loss impacts overall health and wellness. Most significantly, hearing loss — over time — leads to dementia. Would you visit a cardiologist, neurologist, or plastic surgeon at a warehouse or big box store? Likely, no! You would search for the best. As a result, you would likely ask your primary care physician for a referral. Why is your hearing health care any different?

We commit ourselves each day to serve our patients and provide for their hearing health in a relational, long-term way. Our devices and quality of service represent the best value to our patients. And best value is better than cheapest price. High quality hearing devices at a great value are much better than cheap hearing aids.

Finally, to sum up:

  • Big box retailers only have access to 3-4 year old technology.
  • Newer technology at Decibels Audiology and Hearing Aid Center costs less.
  • Outstanding service and an exceptional experience await at Decibels Audiology. (Who knew getting hearing aids could be fun?)
  • Do not settle for less than the best for your hearing health care.

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