Phonak - Phonak Naida Series

Canal Receiver Technology

  • Very Good Hearing Aid

    by April Royan , M.A., CCC-A on February 21, 2014

    The Phonak NAIDA S CRT gives the power of a big behind the ear hearing aid in a little package. A member of the receiver in the canal family, the CRT allows the wearer a variety of fitting options to grow with progressive hearing loss over time. Excellent for active lifestyles – water, sweat, moisture, and dust resistant. A better choice for a CROS fit than the Audeo S Smart series due to fact that the CRT has a 13 battery and, therefore, increased battery life. The receiver that sits in the ear canal has different power options, allowing the aid to increase in power as needed.

  • Average rating for this product is: 5 out of 5

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  • Manufacturer: Phonak
  • Model Family: Naida S
  • Description:

    Canal Receiver Technology

  • Fitting Options: Mild to Profound Hearing Loss
  • Size: BTE, Custom Earmolds Available
  • Tubing Size:Thin wire, various sizes.
  • Technology Levels:
    • Premium: Naida S CRT IX
    • Advanced: Naida S CRT V
    • Economy: Naida S CRT III
  • Digital Channels:
    • Premium 33/20 channels
    • Advanced 12/16 channels
    • Mid-Level channels
    • Economy 1/6 channels.
  • Memories: 3-5
  • Budget Range: $2000 - $6200 for the pair.
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Wireless/Bluetooth Capable: Yes
  • Wireless Accessories: Yes
  • iPhone Features: No
  • CROS compatible: Yes
  • Colors: Various
  • Battery Size: 13