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  • Very Good Hearing Aid

    by April Royan , M.A., CCC-A on February 24, 2014

    In my opinion, the Phonak Audeo Q series is one of the best and most complete product line out there. The devices are small, discrete, easy to use, and sound fantastic. Even low end Phonak Q30 devices are better than high end devices that some of the other manufacturers are putting out. The best part is that the hearing ads are automatic and do not require the user to push buttons or use a remote control. Additionally, the Phonak Audeo (Q)uest link offeres the new tinnitus treatment technology at no extra charge. Tinnitus affects over 25% of Adults over the age of 65. Finally, the Phonak Audeo Q90, Q70 and Q50 models are compatible with the Phonak CROS, a fantastic device that allows a patient with a “bad ear” or “dead ear” to gain the ability to once again hear sound from both sides.

  • Very Good Hearing Aid

    by April Royan , M.A., CCC-A on February 21, 2014

    The Phonak NAIDA S CRT gives the power of a big behind the ear hearing aid in a little package. A member of the receiver in the canal family, the CRT allows the wearer a variety of fitting options to grow with progressive hearing loss over time. Excellent for active lifestyles – water, sweat, moisture, and dust resistant. A better choice for a CROS fit than the Audeo S Smart series due to fact that the CRT has a 13 battery and, therefore, increased battery life. The receiver that sits in the ear canal has different power options, allowing the aid to increase in power as needed.

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